its by FAITH....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

born by faith....

I was surfing at random on several blogs and was taken by suprise to see how people just rite to themselves. I don't feel like to mention them, but they aired a sense of loneliness...No one to speak with...or share their heart and thoughts. I assume that their blog would seem just talking to the blue. I didnt post any comments so they still wouldnt know if anyone read it. But I pray that I can get in touch with them once my blog is stuffed with blogs...hihihihi.

Well, you can consider all that as a prologue.....y a 'prologue'...keep reading.

my mom has been a miracle to medical science...and so am i. following is an excerpt from my website. (all pronouns "she" refers to my mom)

The voice at the Eleventh hour…
"She was pregnant. But her B.P. was very high. Kidney was not in healthy condition and the blood cells were below normal count. ECG showed variations in the heart's function. Finally, seeing the discharge sheet from Vellore, the doctors opted to abort the child. She did not know how to disclose this to her husband. As he left for work, she sat alone in the presence of God and prayed in tears. Her Lord saw her heart with compassion. Suddenly, she saw a person with dazzling light and glory come near her and pat on her shoulders saying, “Child, utter words of Faith” . She looked around but found none. But she felt a sense of relief and peace in her body. She experienced a new breath of life and realized that it was it was the Lord's hand that touched her.

As soon as her husband arrived, she told everything what happened. He encouraged her and together went to the hospital. They did not favour the option of aborting the child. There were a great number of people praying for her. But her condition was getting worse every moment. Everything impossible. But…

(dad, me, my younger brother and mom; taken before i left for USA in 2004)

One day she saw a vision. On the wall it was written, “Dig in this valley. You will not see wind nor will you see rain, but this valley will fill with water”. The Spirit of the Lord revealed to her to dig pits of faith in this valley of sorrows. This is increased the faith and hope in her. She saw by faith the waters of deliverance in those empty pits of sorrows. Nevertheless, her condition turned very severe. The doctors decided to abort the child or they would have to loose both the mother and the child. Many broke down on hearing the news. She was being rushed to the operation theatre. Suddenly she heard that same voice, “I will send you and your family and your generation to cities and nations as my witness” and she saw a hand held out towards her. She read, “The right hand of the Lord is exalted: the right of the Lord doeth valiantly. I will not die, but I will live and declare the works of His hand”. The operation was on.

But it was beyond expectation, against all norms. Sis Joyamma delivered a normal 3 kg weighed baby boy. Thereby he was named Sam and was dedicated to the Lord. ..."

i thank God for this miracle and many more He did in my life....and also for the faith of my which i was born by faith! Gloreh!!!!

next.......the Big head

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Hi Folks.....

Welcome to my blog. u'll come to know more about me each day.
I'm Sam from Kerala, a beautiful state in South India. Currently in Dallas, TX doing my theological studies. "Swagatam" means welcome in my native language, Malayalam. The silent inspiration for the dawn of this blog is from my friend Tom and Grace.

My life has been by faith in Jesus. Please dont freak out and close this page because you heard that name...He is such a wonderful fact The Personality....The Model...My Hero.....yup! He is Truly Amazing.

But what is this person doing with me.
stay tuned for more....."born by faith"

Little from the Logos--the Bible says in I Pet 5:8 , "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour" take your steps in life by faith in Jesus. He will give you the strength to overcome your adversary.....(but dont imitate what you see here)